rose red naomi

Red Naomi Roses the scented red rose that expresses love at first sight


Conditioning Red Naomi Roses

Once in receipt of your Red Naomi Roses the first job, before working with them, will be to condition them correctly. Cut the Red Naomi Rose stems at a 45 degree angle with a sharp knife. (Don't use scissors, as this will crush the stems & prevent water reaching the flower heads).

  • Remove the lower foliage from the stems.
  • Carefully remove the thorns, trying not to gauge or cut through the stem skin.
  • Fill clean buckets with hot water & sterilising chemical.
  • Once sterilised, tip out the water & replace with warm water & flower food.
  • Place the Red Naomi Roses in the flower bucket - submerge in deep water to just below the flower heads.
  • Leave over night to hydrate correctly - the Red Naomi roses will be ready to work with in the morning.
  • Do not leave the Red Naomi roses near a radiator, close to fruit, in direct sunlight or in a draughty place.

Top Tip!

The outer petals of Red Naomi Roses are called 'guard petals'. These petals are often thicker and darker in colour than the other petals. For a lovely clean look, carefully remove them with your fingers.

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