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Red Naomi Roses the scented red rose that expresses love at first sight


Since its introduction to the flower markets in 2006, Red Naomi roses have gradually gained market share in the high-end red rose sector. Now, in 2010 they are seriously challenging for top spot with classics like Grand Prix and Prestige roses. The Red Naomi rose has a very large flower head and top grades sport as many as 75 petals per bloom. Red Naomi roses are one of just a few commercially grown red roses that are scented - their perfume is subtle and sweet. The breeding company, Schreurs, specifically created Red Naomi to be large headed, be an excellent traveller and have a long vase life. Because of these unique qualities the exquisite Red Naomi rose has quickly become a firm favourite with high class florists and floral designers. Red Naomi are a strong, reliable red rose with thick sturdy stems and large flower heads that open fully every time. With its mystical fragrance, deep ruby red colour and velvety look & feel, it's no wonder that Red Naomi are a firm favourite of the celebrity world.

Over the past few years Red Naomi roses have also become a very popular wedding flower. Red Naomi is perfect for bridal bouquets, table arrangements, pedestals and venue decoration. One of the benefits of working with Red Naomi roses is that there are relatively few thorns compared with other red roses.

The Red Naomi rose is now available all year round. They are available in different stem lengths - typically 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm & 100cm. As a rule of thumb, the longer the stem, the larger the flower. Many floral designers like to combine different stem lengths in the same project, giving the advantage of using the same rose in different bud sizes.

Because of the large flower head, luxurious look & feel and unique perfume Red Naomi roses fit perfectly with the in vogue 'vintage wedding flowers theme'.

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